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Our vision

On 25 of July 1967, Letícia Branco Linton was born in the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil, in a provincial town called Andradina. Since a young age, Letícia was dazzled by her grandmothers jewelry, always experimenting the different pieces and dreaming about the day she could create her own. Inspired by her Lebanese origins, Letícia started creating taste for this whole new world of fashion and jewelry.

When her parents moved to São Paulo, the epicenter of business in South America, in 1984, Letícia started her career as a fashion designer, and since then, started noticing the huge difference that the right accessory can make in a women´s life.


In 2004,  Letícia founded LBL Design and started the journey to what would become Letícia Linton Ltd. Letícia began her quest of mastering the techniques and understanding the peculiarities of the jewelry world, respecting its tradition, and steadily establishing a brand of her own.

Intrigued by the ancestral traditions of jewelry production, Letícia Linton understands that skill, high quality stones, and time, aren´t enough to create exquisite jewelry. Its indispensable to have inspiration and passion, allied with creativity for an remarkable work. As Letícia herself usually quotes " The selection of an gemstone is intuitive, I let my feelings make the choice, its almost a natural extension of myself in every piece"

Originality and creativity at Letícia Linton flourish from Letícia´s intimacy towards color and energy. Known for her character and boldness, Letícia combines contemporary and timeless designs, with her own exotic and unique style, full of angles and movement.


"Jewelry Is all about making a statement", Letícia claims, being able to stand out in an audacious and elegant way is essential. Letícia´s work never goes unnoticed,  her iconic identity often resembles different styles from all over the world, but always with a pinch of Brazilian heat, combining both into an exclusive and vivid form of art. The selection of superior quality gems and colors, aligned with a courageous expression in design, brings Letícia Linton´s work to life and leads to an extraordinary unique creation in the vast world of luxury jewelry.

Following her mother´s footsteps, Letícia´s daughter, Marcela Branco, started experimenting with jewelry since a very young age. Marcela´s particular approach and style have been a tremendous contribution to the Letícia Linton brand over the years, and has opened a path to continuity to the Letícia Linton legacy.

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