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Leticia Linton Ltd. is a brand that creates the extraordinary. Like the many facets of a woman, Leticia Linton Ltd. reflects beauty, sophistication, playfulness, intelligence and sensuousness, with a one of a kind style.


“Exclusive, unique and inspiring jewelry”

The Red carpet

Letícia´s  audacity and uniqueness have transcended the Brazilian market and have transformed Letícia Linton into a global brand. Her passionate design captured followers all over the world, changing the way people look at Brazilian jewelry  

Full of color, filled with movement and pulsing energy. In a timeless nature, Letícia´s way of design comes to life in each and every piece. Making a one of a kind statement when it comes to Luxury Jewelry.


 Ranging from new collection releases to charity cocktails, Letícia´s event routine is a hectic adventure. Letícia organizes different monthly gatherings with her clients to show her work, and also to let them get a feel for the Letícia Linton experience.